The Same Boat

Day 211

Prayer for the day

O LORD, I cry to you for help; in the morning my prayer comes before you.

Scripture for the day

Psalm 54-56, Romans 3

We’re all in it. The same boat. Paul says it. David says it. The bible says it. Our experience says it. ALL of us have done things we’re not proud of. All of us have NOT done things we should have done. And each one of us knows the sting of remorse when we’ve sinned against almighty God.

David, though he appeals to God as his salvation, recognizes that even though God has saved him and is saving him, he is one of the wicked. He regularly calls on God to put a stop to those who are tormenting him. Yet he also, constantly, bemoans his own fallenness, sinfulness, and his self-recrimination is constant and real. He recognizes in these Psalms that he’s broken, that all of us are broken, but that the love of God is able to overcome even the worst sinfulness and brokenness.

Paul’s letter comes to the Jews and Gentiles in Rome, telling them that their observance of the law, while important, is not the thing that will ultimately save them. It is the grace of God, and that MAY be worked out through obedience to the law, that will allow them to be saved by God. This obedience, says Paul, comes through the knowledge of the law, but ultimately, it comes through the righteousness of God which is able to save those whom God calls to himself.

All kinds of people, all people, have fallen short of the grace of God, says Paul. But in the next breath, he says that all kinds of people also find purity and redemption through the work of Jesus Christ.

It is not enough simply to say that all have sinned. This, while true, is less than half the story. Truly, all have sinned. And truly, God’s grace is big enough to save those who sin!


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