The Maker

Day 216

Prayer for the day

Who is like the LORD our God, who sits enthroned on high, but stoops to behold the heavens and the earth.

Scripture for the day

Psalm 68-69, Romans 8:1-21

It’s extraordinary, if you think about it. God, the Maker of the universe, does not leave the universe alone. God is not a watchmaker who winds up his creation and lets it run, unsupervised and uncared for. Rather, God is the active creator who takes an interest in his creation. Not only does God take an interest, God is actively involved in every area of his creation, redeeming it for his own purposes.

The God of the Psalmist is the God who waters the land, who prospers it, and who cares for it, largely because his people fail to do so, as was their original assignment. Not only does God care for this creation, God works in and among this creation in order to bring about his redemptive purpose in it. The land is not solely for the people, but is another signpost to the goodness of God, another gift, another grace.

Paul has strong words to say about the creation. The creation and the people of God are intimately linked in the mind and writing of the apostle. Creation is not simply there to be used, but is a character, a thing created by God which is actively and anxiously awaiting the same redemption and liberation that we as the people of God are awaiting.

This is not some earth-worshipping cultic language, however. This is language that says that we and creation are in the same boat, that creation is actually waiting for us to be revealed as what we are: children of God. When we are revealed as such, then creation can cease its groaning and revel in its createdness as we care for it, as we come into our inheritance.

Praise the Creator God who so graciously redeems all he has made!


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