If God is for us…

Day 217

Prayer for the day

Let me hear of your loving-kindness in the morning, for I put my trust in you; show me the road that I must walk, for I lift up my soul to you.

Scripture for the day

Psalm 70-71, Romans 8:22-39

We rarely think of God as much of a fighter. Most of the people I interact with know of God’s loving nature, they know that God is love, but mention that God is a fighter, or (as Millard Lind put it) that “Yahweh is a warrior,” and you’ll probably receive more than your fair share of blank stares. The warrior God is not really the God of most of our experiences.

Yet the Romans passage for today and the Psalms regularly refer to God involved in some kind of cosmic battle. We often think of this battle as requiring us to choose sides, and so it does, but we forget that God also has chosen a side, and God’s side is our side!

The Psalmist regularly calls on God to fight on his side, to uphold the cause of his righteousness because the Psalmist is trying to serve YHWH, and he believes that in this service he should receive some kind of rescue, some kind of help. The extraordinary thing about the Psalmist is that, more often than not, he receives help.

Paul speaks similarly in his letter to the Romans. He talks not necessarily about our physical difficulties, but our spiritual war, and asks if God is for us, who then can be against us? His question is and is not rhetorical. If God is for us, many will be against us, but their opposition will be as nothing compared to the might and power of this God.

Whether you identify more with the Psalmist or with the apostle Paul, you will recognize that regardless of your position, God is fighting for you. God is working on your behalf. Revel in his care and fighting for you!


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