Ultimate Judge

Day 225

Prayer for the day

Bow down your ear, O LORD, and answer me Keep watch over my life, for I am faithful.

Scripture for the day

Psalm 89-90, Romans 14

It’s hard for us to think of God as the ultimate Judge. It’s hard for us to think of God as directing the destiny of our souls based on our life, actions, and acceptance. What’s much easier to do is judge each other.

Paul’s letter to the Romans is extraordinarily complex, theologically, but there are some times when the veil lifts and Paul is very blunt. Romans 14 is one of those passages. Paul’s care for his hearers (readers) is evident in the letter, and it’s quite obvious that there was some trouble brewing in Rome.

Believers were evidently judging one another for what they were eating and drinking. Some believed that what was being eaten was sinful, while some believed that it was not.

This disagreement led to sides calling one another all sorts of nasty names and probably disparaging one another’s salvation etc. In the midst of this comes the letter from Paul, which clearly states that some sins are determined more in the heart of the sinner than from the actual content of the act performed or omitted. The judgement we offer, then, ought to be judgement on our own actions, rather than on the actions of others, because, in the end, God is the ultimate Judge. God is the one who will determine who is righteous and who is not.

The Psalmists certainly knew this God. They knew that God was and is the ultimate Judge, and that any determination of righteousness or wickedness will ultimately fall to God, rather than to human judgement.

The Psalmists and Paul both clearly delineate an understanding of God that leaves no room for any other Judge. Thanks be to God that He is the truly gracious, truly just Judge.


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