Weak and Foolish

Day 229

Prayer for the day

Sing with joy to God our strength and raise a loud shout to the God of Jacob.

Scripture for the day

Psalm 100-102, 1 Corinthians 1

Life is full of sorrow. Life is full of pain. Whether we’re rich or poor, whether we’re married or single, whether we’re loved or unloved, each of us recognizes that not everything will be roses. Life will be difficult.

It is easy to become disenchanted with the idea of God, someone who will care for those who are downcast and downtrodden. It’s easy to disbelieve in a God who is supposed to care for us when we’re in rough shape.

Yet both Paul and the Psalmist seem to believe that not only does God care for the weak and the sorrowful, not only does God desperately love those who are downtrodden, but God actually shows his greatness and power through weakness, and his wisdom through our foolishness.

How does this work? How is it that we can be weak and God can use that weakness as strength? How is that we can be stupid and foolish and God can use that to demonstrate his own wisdom as well as confounding the wisdom of those who would deem themselves wise?

It happens when God uses weak vessels to do great things. It happens when silly and foolish people follow God because they’re not so busy trying to impress everyone else with their wisdom. It happens when all who are weak and foolish surrender themselves to the one who is strong and wise, and when they do so, they allow God to be who God is, and to act through them to stymie the strength and wisdom of those who believe themselves wise and strong.

It is extraordinary that in the midst of our pain, sorrow, and foolishness, God can demonstrate his power and care to us and through us.

Let us praise him together!


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