Be Not Proud…

Day 233

Prayer for the day

Hear, O LORD, and have mercy upon me; LORD, be my helper.

Scripture for the day

Psalm 110-112, 1 Corinthians 5

Have you ever met someone who’s incredible proud of something they’ve done, and it’s something you’re pretty sure should never have been done? Maybe it was a sinful activity, maybe something that should never be done? Or maybe you’ve met someone who has fit in a little too well with the unbelieving around them and are proud of their chameleon abilities.

In either case, what we see is improper pride, sinful pride in sinful behaviour. It is what Paul calls the Corinthian Christians on. He is concerned that they are not only tolerating significant and unrepentant sin in their midst, but that they are condoning it and taking pride in it.

I don’t know why they were proud. Maybe they were proud of how progressive they were. Maybe they were proud of how much they would tolerate, how gracious they were, how they didn’t let little things like the commands of Jesus keep them from welcoming every sin into their midst.

Paul is concerned not only about the contaminating effects of sin but also of the danger of condoning this type of behaviour. Instead of condoning, says Paul, this kind of behaviour needs to be rooted out and led into repentance.

The Psalmist speaks not of the importance of intolerance toward sin but instead of what would happen if we actually worried about following the commands of God.

The Psalmist proposes the cure to condoning sin: fear of the Lord. Fear of the Lord does not only mean being scared…fear of the Lord means having a healthy understanding and respect for God, understanding his call to holiness and his demand for purity. Fear of the Lord means knowing your God and following him as he would have you follow him.

Let’s follow.


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