Day 234

Prayer for the day

As the deer longs for the water-brooks, so longs my soul for you, O God.

Scripture for the day

Psalm 113-115, 1 Corinthians 6

There are some people who believe that Paul was a sexually frustrated prude which was why he seems to focus so much on sexuality. I have to grant that it certainly MAY be the case, but it is by no means the only reason Paul seems to have a lot to say about sex. One far more important reason is that sex matters.

Sex is both way too important in our society and way too casual. Paul is trying to properly locate sexuality, place it in its proper context so that we understand why we have bodies, why we have our sexuality, and what we do with them.

Sex, for Paul, is not simply about the act of our body. It is more than an act and it must be appropriately contextualized. For Paul (and for us), God’s plan for sexuality is a couple who loves, committed to one another for life. Sex is complicated, but Paul believes we over-complicate it when we try to mix it and prioritize it in ways that are inappropriate or outside of God’s design. The idea is to submit ourselves, body and soul, to the God who created our bodies and souls.

The Psalmist speaks of our bodies in different ways but with the same point. He claims that it is God who gives children to the childless woman, the one who redeems not only the soul but the body as well, the one who cares not only for our spirits but our bodies also.

Our bodies matter to God. Our sexuality, our hands, our feet, our voices…everything about us matters to God.

Because everything about us matters to God, we need to surrender everything about ourselves to God. That means bodies, spirits, souls, hands, feet, faces, voices…everything about us belongs to him. Let’s surrender.


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