Day 237

Prayer for the day

O LORD our governor, how exalted is your Name in all the world.

Scripture for the day

Psalm 119:89-176, 1 Corinthians 8

It’s very easy to constrain our “spiritual life” to Sunday morning, particularly if we work in situations where God is not honoured. It’s easy to think of Sunday as “God day” and the rest of the week as “our time.”

This is not a new temptation. It’s part of the reason that Psalm 119 is written the way it is. Those weird squiggles that precede the different portions of scripture are Hebrew letters. Psalm 119 is an enormous acrostic poem, where each stanza begins with a new Hebrew letter until the entire Hebrew alphabet (alephbet) is used.

This accounts for the whole Hebrew language, and it is written this way to give us the sense that the law of God is all-encompassing. The law of God (the main focus of Psalm 119) is supposed to cover every aspect of life because the reign of God is supposed to cover every aspect of life. There is nothing in our lives that is exempt from the rule and care of God, and the Psalmist tries to reflect this even in the structure of his writing.

Paul, while not using the same structure as the Psalmist, certainly seeks to make the same point. He’s talked about marriage, he’s talked about singleness, he’s talked about what we drink and how we treat each other and now he touches on how the Corinthians care for one another with regard to eating meat sacrificed to idols. It may seem a silly argument to have, particularly when we read it from a 21st century vantage point, but the point remains in Paul’s mind and finds us several thousand years later: God is not a God only of the big ideas; God is a God of details. God wants an all-encompassing rule in order to bless us perfectly.

We have only to surrender and receive!

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