What to do

Day 241

Prayer for the day

The LORD lives! Blessed is my Rock! Exalted is the God of my salvation!

Scripture for the day

Psalm 129-131, 1 Corinthians 11:1-16

1 Corinthians presents us with some of the most difficult-to-interpret instructions in the Second Testament. The Apostle Paul speaks about proper dress and behaviour in worship, desiring to teach the Christians in Corinth what the context of worship demands, what will please God.

Theologians, pastors, and other Christians have argued about whether Paul was simply describing a cultural norm and giving it theological rationale or whether he was giving a command for all time, prescribing exactly how Christians should always act regardless of culture.

While these conversations can be interesting, it remains that Paul’s main point is that he is seeking to follow Christ in his worship, that he is seeking to imitate Jesus. His call to the Corinthians is to imitate him as he does so. As long as Paul imitates Jesus, the Corinthians are supposed to mimic his action and speech. In this way they will learn to please God and worship him in the way God desires them to worship.

In imitating Paul, the Corinthians are able to see what worship looks like in their own context, by people who live where they do, people who look like them and pray like them and live like them.

The Psalms are largely a collection of a similar type of literature. In the Psalms today, we see directions on how the Israelites are to worship, what the Israelites are o do with this God they follow. They are to bow to him, put their trust in him, and order the entirety of their lives around his commands, desires, and love.

Like Paul, let us strive to imitate the god we serve. May those around us learn what it means to worship the God of the universe, and may God receive the glory.

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