Day 243

Prayer for the day

May the graciousness of the LORD our God be upon us; prosper the work of our hands; prosper our handiwork.

Scripture for the day

Psalm 135-136, 1 Corinthians 12

I’m horrible when it comes to presents. I’m that kid who can’t get to sleep on Christmas Eve or the night before my birthday, which is embarrassing, seeing as I’m 35. I’m an adult, and I should act like it, but honestly, I just love the surprise of a good present. It makes me feel loved, cared for, and known. Have you ever received a present and felt as though someone had peered into your brain while you were sleeping to extract exactly what you would want and desire?

In the First Testament, the Psalmist points to the presents God has given His people over the history of the people of Israel. These presents sound amazing: freedom, care, love, discipline, land, inheritance, and a whole lot more. The people of Israel received exactly what they needed, exactly when they needed it!

In the Second Testament, Paul goes a little further, speaking not only of the presents God gave, but of the continuing presents God gives, presents that we receive through the Holy Spirit who dwells in us.

It’s quite the list that Paul presents, things like the ability to speak other languages, the ability to interpret other languages, the ability to discern truth in situations, the ability to know whether or not someone is speaking via the Holy Spirit or via an entirely different spirit altogether.

These presents that God gives, says Paul, are given for our benefit, and ultimately, for the edification of the people of God. The people of God exist to share these presents with one another and with the world, in order that God’s incredible gifting nature should be known all over the world.

These presents are free for the asking. God will give what is best. It is up to us to use them wisely!


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