Order and Will

Day 246

Prayer for the day

Your statutes have been like songs to me wherever I have lived as a stranger.

Scripture for the day

Psalm 143-145, 1 Corinthians 14:21-40

The Apostle Paul has a lot to say about worship, and about the way the Christians in Corinth worship in particular. Paul has a lot to say about everything, frankly, though his insistence on worship seems to mean that Paul has a serious care for that particular area of discussion.

Worship, according to Paul, needs to reflect the God toward whom it is directed. The character of our worship needs to reflect the character of God. And the character of God, according to Paul, is orderly. God does not play games at random, but instead is a God with purpose, a God with serious and orderly intents.

Because of the orderly character of God, we are supposed to worship him in an orderly fashion. This means that the worship gatherings of the Christians in Corinth were to be governed by the laws of order and decency, people taking turns speaking, people seeking to edify one another in an orderly fashion, not given to interrupting one another, asking one another loud questions at home rather than in the middle of their gatherings. God’s desire for the people was a desire for peace and order. God’s desire was for the people to be good witnesses to his character.

The Psalmist has a similar concern for the people of Israel. His call to the people of Israel is that they be conformed to the will of God. He desires for them what God desires for them: that they submit themselves to God, and give themselves wholly over to God’s purposes.

When they do, says the Psalmist, they will receive the favour of God. They will trust in God, and he will save them and watch over them.

We, like the Israelites and Corinthians, must seek to worship God according to his will and character, as people of peace, order, and trust.


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