Everything Under His Feet

Day 247

Prayer for the day

My mouth shall speak the praise of the LORD; let all flesh bless his holy Name for ever and ever.

Scripture for the day

Psalm 146-147, 1 Corinthians 15:1-28

In his letter to the Corinthian Christians, Paul has covered a lot of ground. He’s spoken about God’s desire for Christians in a variety of arenas. He’s talked about sexuality, relationships, social equality, and worship. But at the root of Paul’s exhortation to the Christians is his understanding and preaching of the gospel of Jesus Christ. This gospel, the “good news,” drives Paul to do what he does, to be who he is. And his preaching of this gospel has initiated the beginnings of serious transformation in Corinth.

This gospel that Paul preached had everything to do with the person about whom the gospel was spoken. The “gospel” is a word that was very political in Paul’s context. It was the word given to political upheaval, when a new king was crowned. This gospel that Paul preached is the Good News that there is a new king, and that this new king is the kind of king who dies for his people in order to usher them into his glorious kingdom, where everything is put beneath his reign.

The way the Psalmist spoke about this kingdom was to say that everything was under God’s control, everything was under God’s rule. The Psalmist was trying to remind the Israelites that despite other kings in the vicinity, there was a true king, a new king, and all things were under his control and reign.

Paul was completing the pronouncement of the Psalmist by declaring that this control and reign had been ushered in in a new and unique way in the person of Jesus Christ. Jesus had come for us, lived for us, died for us, and been raised for us. It’s a whole new world.

Blessed are those who believe and enter into this kingdom.


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