Whose Wisdom?

Day 250

Prayer for the day

Let them know that you, whose Name is YAHWEH, you alone are the Most High over all the earth.

Scripture for the day

Proverbs 3-5, 2 Corinthians 1

As if it weren’t tough enough to be a wise person in this day and age, both Paul and the Proverb writer insist on making a distinction between God’s wisdom and the world’s wisdom. God’s wisdom, say both, is desirable, will give life, will bring joy and honour, while the world’s wisdom, the ways of the world lead down to the grave.

The Proverb writer certainly makes a harsh distinction. The ways of the world, says the writer, will bring destruction to the body and soul. The wisdom of the world will make a person “wise” in his own eyes but foolish in the eyes of God. That person will walk on a path they think will lead to benefit, but it will lead to utter ruin.

The lack of wisdom, says the writer, leads to deeds which are evil, and which will ultimately destroy the one who commits them, snaring him in his own wickedness.

Not so the righteous, counter the writer and Paul. The righteous will be people committed to following the word and wisdom of God, giving up everything in order to follow God fully. This wisdom will seem like foolishness but will bring honour and integrity to the one who wields it.

Paul contrasts the wisdom of the world and the grace of God, claiming that in the grace of God he and his compatriots are able to exemplify the characteristics God desires from His followers.

Be encouraged, therefore, to be a person who seeks not the wisdom of this world but the wisdom and grace of God. Be the kind of person who will be commended in the end for a commitment to living as a person of wisdom and hope. May you be blessed.


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