Day 258

Prayer for the day

Bless God in the congregation; bless the LORD, you that are of the fountain of Israel.

Scripture for the day

Proverbs 25-26, 2 Corinthians 9

It’s an interesting experiment to seek out the opposites when you encounter a negative proverb. I enjoy trying to pull principles out of the Proverbs, recognizing (again) that they are not intended as promises, but as general truisms. One of the clearest principles is that the way we treat other people is important. Treating someone well will result in much good, whether physical riches, health, or spiritual good. Treating people poorly, through speech or action, will not result in the same.

The Proverbs clearly outline what kind of behaviour is acceptable, and the ill-treatment of others through foolish action, dishonesty, cheating, or rendering false judgment, is obviously prohibited.

In the second book of Corinthians, Paul speaks of the importance of treating one another well. In fact, Paul goes beyond speaking well of people and their actions, and says that what should typify the actions of a believer is the virtue of generosity.

Generosity is the willingness to refuse to be enriched in order that others might be. It is true of financial generosity but also in generosity of spirit, generosity with time, generosity with pretty much anything we can think of. It is the insistence that my own personal wealth and comfort is not as important as the people around me. It is the understanding and living out of the incredible abundance of God, who gives lavishly to the people of the world, and who asks only that we spread his lavish gifts to those around us.

Paul claims that this life of generosity will ensure that what we reap is a life that, while it is not free of trouble, will be blessed by a God who loves and rewards generosity.

Let us be generous.


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