Day 268

Prayer for the day

Early in the morning I cry out to you, for in your word is my trust.

Scripture for the day

Song of solomon 6-8, Galatians 4

We’ve already talked about the nature of the relationship of the lovers in the Song of Solomon. They are deeply in love, they are devoted, they are smitten with one another. Those of us who have had the experience of this kind of love know that it is not a simple infatuation or a sexual longing, but that it is much deeper than that. This kind of love, this kind of devotion, is consuming. It envelopes the mind and the soul, and drives out any thought of anything that would be an impediment to this kind of love.

This feeling, however, is not the foundation for relationship. It is an outworking of the relationship, a wonderful side-effect of the true centre of the relationship, that is, God’s love enacted.

Paul evinces this kind of care for his fellow believers in the church at Galatia as he tries to preach the truth to them. He constantly refers to them as the children of God, but also as his children, because of the way he “birthed” them through the preaching of the gospel, leading them to Christ.

Paul’s care for his “children” is revealed in the way he chastises and disciplines them. He loves them so much that he can’t stand to see them buying into error, reverting to previous unnecessary practices because they’ve been led astray from the gospel he had formerly preached to them.

Paul’s relationship with the Galatians, while not a lover’s relationship, is one based on devotion to the love of God in Christ, a devotion based not on their worthiness, but on God’s goodness to them through Christ.

The lovers and the father/children relationship bear this striking resemblance: they want the best for the other.

My prayer today is that you would know that God wants the best for you.


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