A Worthy Life

Day 278

Prayer for the day

Come now and see the works of God, how wonderful he is in his doing toward all people.

Scripture for the day

Isaiah 23-25, Philippians 1

How do we conduct ourselves? What do we do with the life that’s been given to us? Are we careful? Do we examine well the life we so freely live?

The scriptures are obviously concerned with the lives that we live. The writers of scripture want us to recognize that God has a plan for us, a desire for our lives, and we need to recognize this desire. Paul encourages the Christians in Philippi to understand that God has a plan for them, God has an incredible desire for them. God has created for them a life that is to reflect the glory of God, and this life is what they are supposed to live in order that the gospel does not lose its potency because of weakness and hypocrisy.

Paul’s exhortation to the people consists of a call to live lives of integrity, lives that are dedicated not to themselves but to the good news that Jesus Christ is king, and living these lives requires living like Christ is king.

In the First Testament, the prophet Isaiah speaks the words of God in much the same tone. God levies all kinds of prophetic doom against the people of the earth, and the reason for this doom is not because the people are somehow worse than they had been. The doom falls because the people have forgotten their purpose. Each of the nations has the same purpose and they have forgotten to live lives worthy of the purpose to which they have been called, and so God pronounces destruction for them. This may seem harsh, but it is a fitting punishment because the lives to which they’ve been called are lives lived in God’s service. To reject this purpose is to desire something other than God’s plan, and to desire something other and live it out is to negate that plan.

May we live lives worthy of the call.


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