Day 296

Prayer for the day

Show your goodness, O LORD, to those who are good and to those who are true of heart.

Scripture for the day

Jeremiah 1-2, 1 Timothy 3

It is universally recognized within the church that ministry is not limited to those paid clergy who perform some rituals for the church. Instead, ministry is something that is not only open, but is commanded for all of God’s people. We are all called to be ministers, helping people recognize their needs (vs. wants) and facilitating the meeting of those needs with the strength and power of the Holy Spirit.

Too often, however, we doubt our ability to minister. We claim to be too young, too old, not well trained enough, not smart enough, too smart, etc. And while this may be true for very SPECIFIC ministries, the call to ministry is not so easily rejected.

Jeremiah had a tough time with his call to ministry (and to its fulfillment, but more on that later!). He believed that he was too young, too tongue-tied, too untried to be the prophet God had called him to be. He believed that his qualifications were not up to snuff when it came to the call of God on his life.

God, however, had a different opinion. It seems that when God calls someone to a specific ministry, God will provide the qualifications for that ministry. Jeremiah may have been young, may have not been eloquent, but God’s call and God’s care raised him up to be what he needed to be.

Paul counsels Timothy about the qualifications for overseers in the church. He counsels to take care, and ensure the qualifications are in place because this position in ministry has a higher requirement. Yet looking through the qualifications, aren’t most of these requirements things Christians should be anyway? The call to be an overseer comes with the qualifications because of its nature, but the call of God will ensure the qualifications.

What are you called to? God has already gifted you for it!


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