In Charge

Day 304

Prayer for the day

I will walk in the presence of the LORD in the land of the living.

Scripture for the day

Jeremiah 22-23, Titus 1

The prophecies of Jeremiah and the book of Titus seem to have little in common on the surface, save that they’re both found in the scriptures. Yet even a quick glance will show that the letter of Paul and the writings of the prophet are concerned with godliness, with holiness, and particularly with leadership.

In Jeremiah’s prophecies there is a special place reserved for those who lead poorly. Kings, prophets, and priests who turn aside from God and use their authority to lead others to do the same elicit violent and vehement reproof from the prophet and from the God he serves. Jeremiah is incensed by the callous disregard for God and God’s ways evidenced by the leadership of the people and calls special curses and prophecies down upon them for their complicity and leadership in the demise of the people of God.

Paul has similar angry words for those who lead the people of God away from the God they serve. His letter to Titus begins with a call to appoint elders who are good, who are worthy of respect, and to follow those elders. He then contrasts those “good” elders with those who would seek to do harm to God’s people by treating them poorly, by acting “badly” and who would lead in rebellion against God, to the harm of everyone involved.

The life of the church does not rest with leaders, but leaders are important. God has called some to lead, and those, according to Jeremiah and to Paul, must do their utmost to lead the people of God toward the path God has called them to. They must lead well, in order that God would be glorified.

To do any less is to be derelict in the duty to which they’ve been called.

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