Day 306

Prayer for the day

Be pleased, O LORD, to deliver me; O LORD make haste to help me.

Scripture for the day

Jeremiah 27-29, Titus 3

It certainly would have been handy for Jeremiah if the other prophets in Israel had agreed with him. It would have made his job and his life easier if they had simply acknowledged the truth of his words, instead of contradicting them and tickling the people’s ears with lofty sounding, but very wrong, prophecy.

These men had taken the audacious step of speaking for God without having heard God speak to them first. They were speaking words and claiming that they were the words of God when in truth they were the words of mere men. And God was certainly not ok with them doing so. Through Jeremiah, God speaks harsh words of condemnation to these men. These words were necessary words, calling the men to account for the horrific lies they had told in order to please the people. Because of these men, the people were lax, not caring about what Jeremiah was warning. Instead of being relaxed, they should have been terrified, repenting of their wickedness. Instead, they were lulled into inaction.

The letter to Titus has a similar concern for the people of God. In their midst were wicked people, warped by their own sense of rightness, who would do terrible things without so much as a hiccup in their consciences. These people were divisive, tearing the fabric of the community of God for evil reasons, wanting their own way, speaking men’s words with God’s name attached, in order to lead astray. The scriptures say these men and women were warped, sinful, and inevitably self-condemned. They were condemned simply by their own actions which convicted them as sinful, people who would stop at nothing to tear apart the people of God.

May we, rather, be people who build up the people of God.


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