Set Free

Day 309

Prayer for the day

Let all who seek you rejoice and be glad in you;* let those who love your salvation say for ever, “Great is the LORD!”

Scripture for the day

Jeremiah 34-36, Hebrews 2

The word of the LORD comes often to Jeremiah, and most times, it comes with the understanding that it will not be a pleasant word. Jeremiah is often required to say some pretty awful things to his people, in order to fulfill his obligation to God to speak His words to the people.

The word of the LORD this time is a word about the people’s attitude toward slavery. Jeremiah tells the story to the people of God’s command many years before, that every seventh year was to be a year of freedom. It was the year that all was to be returned to equilibrium, with those who had been unable to be free financially being returned to that state through the freedom afforded them by their masters. No Hebrew was to hold his brother or sister in permanent slavery, but only allow them to pay off debt through slavery for a limited time.

The problem is that this was rarely if ever practiced. People started to realize that this was not financially advantageous, and so began to take advantage of their brethren. And God, in His disgust, will not tolerate their disobedience anymore.

The writer of Hebrews equally values the freedom that God commanded. This time, though, the freedom given is not freedom from indentured servitude, but freedom from slavery to the fear of death. This is freedom that Christ gives, freedom that will not be rescinded like the freedom of old. This is freedom forever, in order that those freed might live into Christ, and be ambassadors of the freedom they have received.

May we truly understand the freedom we’ve been given in Christ, and so live free.


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