An Inheritance

Day 327

Prayer for the day

May God be merciful to us and bless us, show us the light of his countenance and come to us.

Scripture for the day

Ezekiel 22-23, 1 Peter 1

Thinking about inheritance is kind of a creepy thing to do. Usually, an inheritance is something we receive after someone we care about dies. It’s not something most of us spend much time thinking about, largely because there are too many unknowns in the realm of inheritance. What will we get? When will they die? I don’t want them to die.

Yet it seems that the scriptures are not shy about discussing inheritance at all. Inheritance is that which will be received in due course, according to the scriptures, and the type of inheritance depends in the scriptures upon the commitment of the one who will give and the commitment of the one who will receive.

The nature of the folk in the First Testament, those who will not receive a blessed inheritance, is such that God is not only angry with them, but disgusted by their behaviour. They will receive the consequence for their action not because God is cruel but because they have squandered the inheritance meant for them. God continues his tirade against them, accusing them again and again of prostitution, of adultery, of sexual immorality in the heavenly realms, because it truly disgusts God.

On the other hand, we see the inheritance set for the people of God in 1 Peter, an inheritance that will not be destruction or decimation, but will be a living hope, something that will not spoil or fade, something that will not rust or decay, but will be kept, shining and brilliant, for the people of God who endure to the end.

The inheritance we hope for is an inheritance that is guaranteed, but it is guaranteed to those who continue in the faith in Christ. May you continue in your hope, and see the glory of the inheritance of God!

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