In that day…

Day 335

Prayer for the day

Let them know that you, whose Name is YAHWEH, you alone are the Most High over all the earth.

Scripture for the day

Ezekiel 40-41, 2 Peter 3

Many of us live in fear of the future. The present, we think, is hard enough without the unknown nature of things yet to come. Even the scriptures tell us not to worry about what’s coming…today is tricky enough. Yet both of the passages today speak to things that are yet to come, things that the people of God ought to pay attention to if they want to live as faithful witnesses and see the things of God come to pass.

In Ezekiel, the prophet is shown an incredible vision. The temple of God stands before him, its measurements exactly laid out for him, its grandeur on full display for him. This is a vision of things that are yet to come, things that are meant to give hope to the people of God. The temple of God is lost to Israel at this time, and Ezekiel foresees something grander taking its place. The day of the Lord will come and make the dwelling of God with humans once again!

Peter also has something to say about the coming day of the Lord. While he uses frightening imagery, the end result is the same as that of Ezekiel. The dwelling of God is coming to earth! There is apocalyptic language of purification and destruction, but in the end, the New Heaven and the New Earth, the places of righteousness, will be established, places where fear and famine are done away with.

God is not done with creation, yet, and He waits to return, willing that more and more should experience the salvation He offers. It is our great joy to introduce others to this salvation, to live it out so that all may come to know the new creation!


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