We Have Seen It!

Day 336

Prayer for the day

O LORD, your love endures for ever; do not abandon the works of your hands.

Scripture for the day

Ezekiel 42-44, 1 John 1

It must have been quite the sight for Ezekiel. In his vision, the temple is remade, it is measured to ensure that it is perfectly made and designed to exact specifications, and then, to his amazement, the glory of God descends. It’s nearly impossible to imagine what must have been going through Ezekiel’s mind. Here he’s been shown around the new temple, and then all of a sudden, God’s glory. What must it have looked like? What would we have done? Did he know right away that this was God’s glory, or was he confused?

Regardless of his knowledge, Ezekiel was certainly wowed, awed, and humbled by the presence of God. It is interesting that though he sees the actual glory, he seems to make no attempt to describe it. He doesn’t seem to want to tell us what it looks like or how to spot it again. Instead, he simply falls down and worships God. He recognizes that for us, seeing is believing, and if are to have faith in God, we ought not to go seeking to see, but rather, to be seen. It is faith that leads to sight, and not the opposite.

John speaks of the glory of seeing with the eyes of faith when he talks about the Word of life. This Word of life, this Son of God, is the one we have seen. This is the one who has explained the very nature of God, but explained it to those who had the faith to see it. The glory of God is revealed to those with the eyes of faith, and revealed not in an abstract way, but in the person of Jesus Christ.

May we too have the faith to claim that we have seen!


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