His Commands

Day 337

Prayer for the day

To you I lift up my eyes, to you enthroned in the heavens. As the eyes of servants look to the hand of their masters, and the eyes of a maid to the hand of her mistress, So our eyes look to the LORD our God, until he shows us his mercy.

Scripture for the day

Ezekiel 45-46, 1 John 2

When it comes to tedium, almost nothing beats reading the temple measurements and requirements in Ezekiel. It seems almost mind-numbing that his vision would have been so specific and so full of exactitude, yet here it is, included in our scriptures.

It’s incredible how very precise the measurements are, how precise the commands are regarding princes and sacrifices and priests and cooks and who gets what, where, and how much. It makes God seem a bit obsessive, and not just a bit compulsive. Yet in its exactitude there is a very specific beauty. There is a glory in the precision with which God dictates his commands to his prophets. It means to them that God is not simply a huge, unapproachable managerial type, but that God cares intimately for the smallest detail. It means that the command of God, far from being arbitrary, is carefully thought out, planned down to the finest point.

Keeping the commands of God, an often difficult and seemingly tedious way to live, is how the author of 1 John says we prove we really know God. That is, true and intimate knowledge of God comes to us as we begin to know God through His commands. When we obey, we start to see the heart behind the commands, and when we see God’s heart behind the commands, it gives us hope, it gives us joy, and ultimately, it gives us life.

May obedience be your life and may you know the God whose commands you strive to obey.


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