Hang on

Day 343

Prayer for the day

Into your hands I commend my spirit, for you have redeemed me, O LORD, O God of truth.

Scripture for the day

Daniel 11-12, Jude 1

The visions Daniel received have been taught, debated, and fought over for generations. Who were the kings, the women, the nations he was talking about, and what would the end he prophesied look like? How would everything work itself out, and most importantly to some, WHEN?

The book answers some of these questions, but in the end most “end-time” prophesies leave us with more questions than they do answers.

However, the book of Daniel doesn’t seem to be trying to answer the questions we have, per se. Instead, it gives us insight into God’s plan, God’s view of things to come. It also provides the reader, and the viewer (Daniel) with a challenge: hang on. Hold on until these things have passed. Hold on and trust that God will bring you through whatever may come.

The book of Jude has some similar advice when it comes to things that relate to the end. Jude is a strange book in many ways, touching on angelic warfare and some confusing bits about Moses’ body. But in the end, the point of Jude is similar to the point of Daniel’s vision: hang on.

Things are coming that will test your faith. Things are happening that will try to draw you away from your faith, away from the church, away from God. These things will test, but they ought not to win. We ought to be able, through the Spirit of God, to hang on.

The scriptures regularly speak about perseverance. They speak about running the race not only to finish, but to win. They speak about the importance of making it to the end, so that we may prove ourselves as followers.

And so, Hang On.


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