Day 347

Prayer for the day

Let integrity and uprightness preserve me, for my hope has been in you.

Scripture for the day

Hosea 12-14, Revelation 4

Ever stood in front of a mountain? Gazed over the edge of a cliff? Stood in front of Niagara Falls? There are few things more humbling, more apt to change our priorities and cause self-reflection, than the grandeur of something larger than ourselves. When we see something that puts us in our place, all of the struggles and successes we have, all of our problems and solutions, tend to shrink down in insignificance.

This shrinking does not negate our personhood, nor mean that we are unimportant. It simply shows us the scope of life and the universe, and allows us to see our place within that scope.

Yet even in the face of grandeur, even in the face of something so massive that we are dwarfed, we still retain a specialness that cannot be removed by scale.

The people of Israel are regularly reminded that their God is the God who moves mountains, incites nations to punish other nations, moves the course of history from here to there according to His plan. Yet even in the midst of this grandeur and in the midst of their own smallness and inadequacy, this God wants to, longs to, connect with Israel. This God not only notices them (which is a big deal!), this God loves and desires them. This God cares enough to restore them to the glory they do not deserve.

This is the God who sits enthroned now and forever, surrounded by elders and living creatures, the God who is worthy of all praise and honour. This is the God John sees in his vision, the God who is unapproachable and inaccessible. This is the God who actually makes Himself known to John, who speaks and hears and loves and rules. This is our God!


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