Day 352

Prayer for the day

My lips will sing with joy when I play to you, and so will my soul, which you have redeemed.

Scripture for the day

Obadiah 1, Revelation 9

The doom keeps piling up for people as the Minor Prophets continue to call down God’s wrath on the nations. Edom is the target of Obadiah’s prophecy, and it does not bode well for them. They are in serious trouble because of the way they have treated their brother nations. They have stood by and watched as those God chose were cast aside and torn asunder.

We usually think of our sins as sins of commission, as things that we do. The scriptures, however, also talk of sins of omission. There are things we OUGHT to do, things we ought to be caring about, yet we refuse to do those things. Like Edom, we should be caring for our brother when we see him in distress, rather than going our own way or waiting in the wings.

The book of Revelation talks of the doom that awaits the people who reject the love and salvation of God, and who refuse to repent of their sins of omission and commission.

The amazing, terrible truth that Revelation reveals is that the people who experience the wrath and doom of God still refuse to repent and turn to their God. God’s wrath and doom are falling, causing disaster in order to bring anyone back, and yet those who see this doom and experience it refuse to escape it through faith. Instead, they continue their wickedness, living as those without hope.

In the face of the evil the world has to offer, in the midst of a world that sees evil as the default position, in the middle of a life full of catastrophe and chaos, God calls us to repentance, to follow Him with all we have and all we are.


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