Day 354

Prayer for the day

Lord, you have been our refuge from one generation to another. Before the mountains were brought forth, or the land and the earth were born, from age to age you are God.

Scripture for the day

Micah 1-3, Revelation 11

The good and the bad. The righteous and the wicked. The scriptures paint the picture of dichotomy over and over again, but in reality, we all fit into the wicked category. So why so much discussion? Why so much “this and that?”

The First Testament regularly chides the people of Israel for not being who they were supposed to be. We’ve seen it over and over again in the words of the prophets, that the people of Israel ought to have been a light to the nations, not creating an “us and them” mentality, but seeking to move “them” into “us” so that all would experience the love and care of God.

Micah derides the people of God because they have not subjected themselves to the King who wanted to rule them lovingly, and instead have become part of the kingdom of the world, modelling their lives after those who were not ruled by God, but by themselves.

The book of Revelation gives us a glimpse of a time when the kingdom of the world, the kingdom which has been opposed to the Kingdom of God, is subsumed under the lordship of Jesus. The kingdom of this world, says the angel, has become the kingdom of our Lord. The kingdoms have not merged, or declared a peace. The kingdom of the world is transformed into the kingdom of God as the reign of God is acknowledged and lived out. God doesn’t make peace with the world in a conciliatory way. God transforms the world.

May we rejoice in the transformation God is working out in us, and in the world.


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