The Child

Day 355

Prayer for the day

Exalt yourself above the heavens, O God, and your glory over all the earth.

Scripture for the day

Micah 4-5, Revelation 12

I love action movies. I love to watch people getting into impossible situations only to be saved at the last minute. I love the relief of a last-second escape, the play of good versus evil, and the eventual feel-good ending, when good and love triumph!

Though it may not be a movie, the Bible certainly has a lot of action, and one thing it has in spades, is the triumph of good and love.

In the First Testament, the prophet Micah looks ahead to a time when war will be a thing of the past, when good and love will triumph over the forces of violence and war in this world. Even the implements of war will experience conversion in this coming day, says Micah. He then proceeds to give one of the great Christological prophecies of the First Testament. A Great Child will be born, he says, in Bethlehem Ephrathah. This Great Child will be the one to lead the people of God to greatness, to pluck them from oppression and obscurity and raise them up, the one to usher in the incredible time of peace to come.

In his revelation, John speaks of a similar child, a child who will rule the nations eventually. This is a child who is protected by God, kept safe from the evil that would destroy him, so that one day he could fulfill God’s plan.

Both of these children should call to mind, especially at this Christmas time, the child who came. The child we speak of was born in Bethlehem, rose to prominence, and ruled. His rule, however, was unlike anything the world expected or had ever seen.

Do you know the child?


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