Awesome in Power

Day 357

Prayer for the day

O LORD, what are we that you should care for us? mere mortals that you should think of us? We are like a puff of wind; our days are like a passing shadow.

Scripture for the day

Nahum 1-3, Revelation 14

We don’t see a lot of mighty miracles today, at least not in the same way that the people in the First and Second Testaments did. People argue all the time about the nature of those miracles, whether God still acts the same way or whether God has changed His M.O. But these arguments miss the point that the Testaments seek to bear witness to: the indescribable power of God.

In the book of Nahum, the prophet extolls the power of God in a number of different ways. His way, says the writer, is the whirlwind. He goes on to describe God’s footsteps, God’s handiwork, the power that exudes from the presence of God. His speech dries up the sea, His presence causes the earth to quake. Every word written about this God are words of power, words that give us the sense that this God is not someone to be trifled with. This God is a God who radiates power.

Nahum and Revelation both point, however, to the nature of the power of God. It is not like a nuclear explosion, without direction, simply consuming everything in its path. Instead, the power of God is channelled, directed, and focussed.

The power of God in Revelation is presented as a force for blessings and a force for cursing, depending upon the life of the person who is being affected. The power of God is the power to save, the power to bless, the power to protect, and the power to transform. The power of God is also the power to discipline, to destroy, the power to do what is right and just and true.

May you experience the God whose power can transform.


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