All Things New

Day 364

Prayer for the day

Hear, O Shepherd of Israel, leading Joseph like a flock; shine forth, you that are enthroned upon the cherubim.

Scripture for the day

Zechariah 13-14, Revelation 21

The day of the LORD. It’s a recurring theme as we move toward the end of the scriptures. The day of the LORD is an unknown day in the future, a day that may have already happened but will happen more fully in the future, a day of fear and joy mixed together. It is the day when all things are put into their proper place, when all things are made new. It is the day of redemption and re-creation, the day when God sets things right.

In Zechariah, this is a fearful and yet eventually wonderful day. Eventually, it is the day when the people of God belong to God, and when God belongs to the people. It is a day when God will say “they are my people” and the people will answer “YHWH is our God.” This is the day when the people will finally recognize who they are, when God will declare who they are for everyone to hear, and they will, in the end, live up to the name.

In Revelation, the same thing is declared! God’s people are God’s people, and God is their God. God works out his program for re-creation, for new creation, and as he does so, the identity of the people of God is clarified. When this identity is declared, there is a new place for us to stay, a new creation for us to inhabit. The scriptures describe this place as a place where we are finally at peace with God, and where God actually lives with us in person, so that there is no more fear, no more uncertainty. It is the place, it is the day, when faith and sight are married together.

May we see, someday, such a glorious day.


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