Psalm 6

“For the director of music. With stringed instruments. According to sheminith. A psalm of David.”

Psalm 6

I’m terrified God. I’m terrified!
  What will do me in first?
Will you destroy me, or will my enemies?
  Don’t just stand by; DO SOMETHING!
Wake up and save me…SAVE ME!
  I’m dying here, and when I’m gone, what good will I be?
I can’t handle the pain anymore. I’m spent.
  There’s no hope anywhere in sight.
Wait…is that a glimmer? YES! My God is awake!
  Watch out, wicked men. My God is awake!
He is awake.

Psalm 5

“For the director of music. For pipes. A psalm of David.”

Psalm 5

All day long my voice sounds, wailing, crying!
  Listen to me, my God. I know You do.
It is impossible to come before You with a wicked heart;
  Your holiness won’t allow it!
Thankfully, You’ve made me clean enough to stand before You;
  It amazes me, the way You lead me.
You know the truth about me, You alone.
  Others claim to know me, but their grave-mouths breathe death.
In You, we are safe. In You, the truth will protect us.
  You make us pure, and You keep us.
Be our comfort.

Psalm 4

“For the director of music. With stringed instruments. A psalm of David.”

Psalm 4

I know You can hear me, but You seem quiet;
My cries are only getting louder with hope.
When I can’t stand anything anymore
I still believe you’ll hear me, and speak.
I know you’ve chosen me, you called me;
Am I the only one who knows it?
If only everyone else could hear Your call
like I have, they would rejoice!
They could taste Your goodness, and know
You are the one who provides and reigns and rules.
These thoughts, in You, are my comfort.

Psalm 3

“A Psalm of David, when he fled from his son Absalom.”

Psalm 2

We fear or hate what we misunderstand;
  You are feared and hated like me.
But I know You better – You show me better
  when You reveal Yourself in rescue.
My cries are heard, my prayers answered.
  The rhythm of my days belongs to You.
I see trouble approaching from all sides,
  but my fear is overcome – You are here!
You will deliver, You will save
  because I belong, heart and soul,
to You.

Psalm 2

“God’s Promise to His Anointed”

Psalm 2

Why does the world mistake freedom for slavery
  and slavery for freedom?
Why do we forget that God is in charge?
  God the One who made us who we are,
   and what!
How long will we refues to see?
  How long will we wait?
Acknowledge your King and Maker.
  May it go well with you.
We rule with His favour, we rise
  and fall. Let us serve.

Psalm 1

By way of introduction, I am posting a Psalm every few days, and after the Psalm, a short poem reiterating the Psalm as a way of applying it to myself. I hope you find it useful!

Psalm 1

My joy is in the voice of my God;
  No other sound will bless me.
I have stopped up the words of death
  to hear Your words only.
I will cling to Your voice, my God;
  I will bathe in Your words.
They refresh me like water;
  They cause me to grow and flower.
Speak Your blessing words of judgment;
  Be Just in Your speech, that
We Might Live.

A New Beginning (again?)

Over the last few days I’ve been thinking of how I could maintain some sort of regular blog without doing the same old thing, blogging through the Bible.

In the spirit of newness, I’ve decided to work my way through the Psalms. The Psalms have provided Christians throughout the centuries with a vast storehouse of worship material, lament, joyful utterance, and emotional vent. I’m going to work through a small poem for each of the Psalms. This may not be a daily devotion, as there are only 150 Psalms and 365 days, but I will try to be as regular as possible.

Feel free to join me in praying the prayerbook of the ages.

The End

Well, today is the first day I haven’t blogged a prayer, a Bible verse, and a short meditation in the last 365 days. It feels kind of weird. I thought that this day would be more liberating, that I would be able to look back with both pride and relief at the last year. And I do.

But deep down, I’m going to miss this. People have been asking me if this has changed me. I don’t know if I’d say I’m a changed man because of the blogging per se, but I have experienced the benefits of doing something beneficial in an habitual way. It’s really made me think about how my life is structured, how my days go by. It’s been good that way.

Blogging every day has really been tough sometimes. There were weeks I was going on holidays, and so had to blog a week early. It made me think hard about every day, to ensure I had done what needed to be done.

I believe this year has been a year of spiritual growth as well. It’s hard to be in the word of God every day and not grow! More than that, I’ve seen how God is able to speak through the scriptures. Each day I’ve seen God able to connect First and Second Testaments in ways that I certainly didn’t expect!

One of the things I learned was how little my friends know about the internet! Most assumed I was up before five, and didn’t understand the simple coding involved in blogging a hyperlink. But that was fun! I loved explaining those little things. It was great.

In the end, this has been a good year for me. It’s been good for me, and I hope it’s been good for you.

I have no idea what’s ups for this year, but I’ll keep you in the know!