The End

Well, today is the first day I haven’t blogged a prayer, a Bible verse, and a short meditation in the last 365 days. It feels kind of weird. I thought that this day would be more liberating, that I would be able to look back with both pride and relief at the last year. And I do.

But deep down, I’m going to miss this. People have been asking me if this has changed me. I don’t know if I’d say I’m a changed man because of the blogging per se, but I have experienced the benefits of doing something beneficial in an habitual way. It’s really made me think about how my life is structured, how my days go by. It’s been good that way.

Blogging every day has really been tough sometimes. There were weeks I was going on holidays, and so had to blog a week early. It made me think hard about every day, to ensure I had done what needed to be done.

I believe this year has been a year of spiritual growth as well. It’s hard to be in the word of God every day and not grow! More than that, I’ve seen how God is able to speak through the scriptures. Each day I’ve seen God able to connect First and Second Testaments in ways that I certainly didn’t expect!

One of the things I learned was how little my friends know about the internet! Most assumed I was up before five, and didn’t understand the simple coding involved in blogging a hyperlink. But that was fun! I loved explaining those little things. It was great.

In the end, this has been a good year for me. It’s been good for me, and I hope it’s been good for you.

I have no idea what’s ups for this year, but I’ll keep you in the know!



3 thoughts on “The End

  1. Mike, the effort you made throughout the year for maintaining your blog was greatly appreciated. In following along all year, the daily re-connect with the scriptures was initially a discipline to make, but became part of day to day activity. The organization, especially revealing the interconnections between both Testaments, was very benificial for (my own) continued learning. Thanks for the year!

  2. I am very grateful for your blog. Although I am not up to speed and will probably take another year to finish, I saved each one and read when I can. Thank you so much for helping me keep scripture in my life. I was one of those who thought you might be up at 5am too!!

    • Thanks Steve and Nancy. Glad it was helpful for you. Nancy, this blog will be accessible for a long while, so feel free just to come back and visit 🙂 mike swalm pastor – Abundant Life Church (c) 403-999-3569 (w) 403-246-1804

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